Bridging Human and Machine Intelligence with eXplainable AI.

Our product

Our products are AI-powered agents that solve common problems across specific job roles. Our agents are just like humans, except they look at the world a bit differently – through a lens into the data world. Compared to the common AI, ours create a closer, more trustful relationship with its human masters — a bonafide advisor capable of answering and explaining, often better than we can ourselves. XAI brings humans and their digital counterparts closer together, collaborating hand-in-hand and changing the very nature of what it means to work. Deploy our products at your company and join the 4th industrial revolution!

Like a Mind, but a Machine

Our XAI Agents are designed to Augment Decision-Making and Enhance the Productivity of Enterprise Workforces

Fast & Scalable

Reduce human resources and costs.
No more emplyoment taxes, overtime,
turnover, or recurring training costs.

Learns on the Job

Evolves and improves over time as it
understands your company and staff.

Enchance Productivity

Coupling your team with XAI assistants
enhances decision making, reduces errors
and waste, enhances capabilities, and
makes teams more efficient.


In many cases, XAI is the only way
to ensure your organization meets
regulatory compliance such as

More Human-like

Humans have to explain themselves
at work all the time. Our assistants are
held to the same standard.


Based on your data, business environment,
context and individual training, allowing
for individually relevant recommendations and
informed decision making by both machines and humans.


Bona-fide Advice

Having an XAI assistant explain its
decisions and recommendations increases
the trust with its human users, thus forging
a deeper, more meaningful relationship.



Humans do human things well while
machines do data well. XAI assistants help
augment your team’s ability to make sound,
rational decisions.

XAI at the Core

At the Heart of Our Technology is our groundbreaking eXplainable AI (XAI) technology. Leveraging decades of advanced research, Senfino’s XAI engine was built from the ground up in C++ and employs a novel approach to neuro-fuzzy and deep learning that provides for interpretability and explainability in a personalized, AI-assistant context.

Case study for Investmets

Venture Picker

Venture Picker is an intelligent agent that learns to think like you think. It learns by watching you rank ventures before scanning multiple databases including thousands of companies and myriad related data points employing proprietary XAI algorithms and identifying unseen patterns in the process of recommending portfolio prospects that you’d pick yourself—if only you had that kind of time.

Once created for a particular job role, an XAI agent can
be deployed an infinite number of times within a company,
and it adapts to each user’s data and preferences in a
fully bespoke manner.

Industries we focus on

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New York

The epicenter of Commercialization is where
Senfino XAI honed its craft of driving new,
value-creating ideas through client
organizations and into market.


Warsaw is home to the best digital design
and development talent – recently ranked a
Top 3 Market for progressive digital thinkers
and doers, worldwide.