iTaxi - taxi service


The largest taxi service in Poland now has a new mobile site for taxi ordering. We were responsible for researching, designing, and developing their mobile web app, which allows passengers to hail a cab without even downloading anything from the App Store.

Shopography - shop better


A social shopping platform with 5000 stores, 130 million products, built-in price comparison and an in-store experience that works across the entire US. That’s Shopography, and we worked in lockstep with its founders to bring the iOS and Android apps and Azure backend to life.

PizzaPortal - let’s eat something


PizzaPortal is the largest food delivery app in Poland, and we’re the agency of record to deliver holistic and continuous product development for their iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Web apps. We redesigned how consumers order food based on qualitative and quantitative design research, and produced easy-to-use, modern designs backed by extendable. Winner of best B2C mobile app of the year.

Tatra National Park


Tatra National Park asked us to craft a vision for a redesign of the „Tatry” magazine. We immersed ourselves into the target audience of Tatra lovers and designed research booklets to understand their frame of mind. The booklets allowed readers to share their thoughts on-the magazine, suggest improvements, and express their relationship with the mountains. We delivered directions and inspirations for developing a paper version of the magazine and beyond.



We work closely with Microsoft to promote their HoloLens product in various industries, such as automotive, commercial real estate, and energy, by prototyping and demoing custom software applications and experiences. Current work is for Ghelamco and VirtudeR, and our team is also very visible on the VR and AR conference circuit.



Pracuj.pl is the most recognized and the largest job board in Poland. To stay ahead of the curve and account for a rapidly changing job market, Pracuj.pl asked us to reimagine the way people searched for a job online. We conducted analytical workshops to investigate the business values for the most promising job searching design concepts. Our cooperation continues today, and we consistently deliver positive change.


Business Analysis

We've created a set of workshops based on the research of Tom Gilb to cooperate with clients in an organized way and deliver products for them that fulfill their unique goals. During workshops, we work as consultants, devoted software developers, designers and researchers to provide insights which are directly applicable to the real world.

Design Research

We are striving to understand the context in which products and services are used by future and present users of digital solutions. Their habits, experiences and challenges are carefully examined. We conduct design research with the goal of designing new technologies and services centered on real needs.


Design is deeply embedded in our whole offer. It’s much easier and faster to create mockups of products for testing than to actually build them, so we use our UX and UI skills liberally and build atop the findings of our design research. Better yet, we’ve incorporated Google Venture’s heralded Design Sprint process into our own.


A diverse group of developers take our designs and bring them to life. No single technology or platform is regarded as best. What languages, tools, libraries, frameworks and hardware is employed depends on the specific needs of the project. We love hacking mobile, web and server platforms as well as providing continuous support and value.


Real-time tracking

In a world where consumers are constantly bombarded with ads, it's difficult to catch their attention. One of our focuses centers on augmenting reality on the-fly, for example while they're strolling around shops or the streets. That's why we've been experimenting with and implementing Microsoft Kinect. Kinect can recognize how multiple people behave at once, what they’re looking at, and their approximate gender and age. This generates measureable engagement and leads to creating the right products with higher ROI.


Mixed reality (reality where virtual things blend with real things) isn’t a new concept, but this is the first time we think it’s worth exploring. As a Microsoft partner we are constantly using, exploring and developing for Microsoft HoloLens. One can easily extend his workspace with virtual desktops all around the office, place useful holograms and use hologram apps. We have been experimenting with HoloLens since its premiere in USA and have been in love since

Proximity sensing

With the advent of the Internet of Things we are now more aware of our surroundings than ever before. Technology is everywhere around us in various forms such as NFC tags, beacons and wearables. As a company, we’ve already applied these technologies in entertainment, education and delivery services. We are constantly looking for new and innovative uses for them to make lives easier in places that software alone can’t reach.


Tomasz Rutkowski
CEO, Board Member
Łukasz Leśniak
VP, Board Member
Paweł Ruszlewski
Chief of Innovation
Dawid Stojan
Monika Buczak
Kamil Madejek
Head of Engineering
Jakub Romanowski
Head of Research & Development
Michał Kowalski
Software Architect
Zuzanna Wodyk
People Officer
Tomek Jurek
Talent Acquisition Manager
Jarek Medwid
Product Owner
Joanna Rutkowska
Design Researcher
Olga Bańka
Design Researcher
& UX Designer
Marta Lutostańska
Design Researcher
& UX Specialist
Piotr Wójcik
UI Designer
Jacek Świętochowski
Network Admin
Piotr Woldan
R&D Developer
Paweł Staszewski
R&D Developer
Piotr Kowalik
Back-End Developer
Grzegorz Pałka
iOS Developer
Marcin Bartoś
Full-Stack Developer


UX Designer

Back-End Developer

Full-Stack Developer

Front-End Developer

iOS Developer

PHP Developer

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