About us

Bridging human and machine intelligence with eXplainable AI.

Our Mision

Our mission is to augment decision-making for financial institutions and beyond with proprietary eXplainable AI technology and remarkable human-computer interfaces.

Like a Mind, But a Machine

Senfino’s products are next-gen AI recommender and decision support systems with fully explainable and traceable decision reasoning that can be repositioned to any knowledge domain.

Management Team

Tomasz Rutkowski
Co - CEO
Career Entrepreneur, MSc in Comp Sci, MBA, double PhD candidate in AI and Innovation Management
Mark Zurada
Co - CEO
Career Entrepreneur, Attorney, Engineer, Patent holder, and Congressional AI Policy Advisor
Michael Dobrovolsky
Chief Strategy
ex-Head of Machine Learning and Analytics and Morgan Stanley Global Wealth Management

R&D Advisors

Dr. Leszek RutkowskiProfessor
Dr. Jacek ZuradaProfessor
Dr. Danuta RutkowskaProfessor

And a team of 12 strategists, analysts, developers, designer,
architects and project managers

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New York

The epicenter of Commercialization is where
Senfino honed its craft of driving new, value-
creating ideas through innovative deep tech.


Warsaw is home to the best artificial
intelligence and development talent –
recently ranked a Top 3 Market worldwide.